As our community continues to grow we are confident that with this expansion that we will also be able to help meet the healthcare needs of our community.

GS_groundbreaking_1Once construction of the North Wing is completed the entire first-floor will comprise our Good Shepherd Women’s Center. This expanded space will allow us to grow with more providers, more services, more exam rooms and address the needs of the women in our community. The additional two floors, ground floor, and second floor will be shelled spaces. These spaces will be available for expanded services allowing for even more specialists to provide care and make their services available here in our community.

Additionally, we are also completely redesigning our main boulevard which crosses our campus and parking areas. This new thoroughfare will allow for safer and smoother trips across our campus. The boulevard will also be moved to the west end of our campus. This will allow us to provide additional parking with diagonal parking spaces that can be accessed from the 11th street and Elm Street entrances.

Once completed in the fall of 2017, we are confident we will have a more accessible and safer campus with additional parking for patients and employees, as well as space for new doctors to come and practice medicine and provide health care services for our community.


Construction Highlights

  • Estimated $10 million project
  • Economic Impact from Labor Estimated at over $1 million (this does not include supplies purchased locally, expenses from hotel stays, food purchased at restaurants and grocery store, laundry services etc.)
  • Approximately 1,300 Cubic Yards of concrete will be used for the concrete foundations, concrete slabs, sidewalks, and curb.
  • Over 180 tons of steel will be used for the building construction
  • The project will utilize an estimated 35,000 worker hours to complete the project
  • Nearly 72,000 bricks will be used for the exterior of the new building
  • Estimated 10,000 Cubic Yards of dirt will be moved to construct the building and parking areas
  • A 20,000 Square Foot community garden area will be constructed during the project
  • 4,100 Tons of Asphalt will be used to create new parking lots and re-pave the existing parking lots
  • The project will take approximately 14 months to complete