Thank you for your interest in the Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation Employee Scholarship Award. As our Mission Statement indicates, we are here to “to provide compassionate high quality and accessible health care” to the residents living in the Medical Center Service area. Assisting employees who are pursuing degrees or certification in health-related professions will definitely help to meet that mission. This scholarship is reserved for employees of the Good Shepherd Health Care System in hopes of educating and providing career opportunities for local health care professionals.

The Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation Employee Scholarship Award is based on merit, financial need and the Medical System’s need for certain health care professionals. To be considered as a scholarship recipient you must have completed at least one year of study towards your chosen area by the time the scholarship is awarded in June 2018. Scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 will be awarded.

Applicants are asked to complete and fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Application Form
  2. Provide a copy of your most current transcript
  3. Provide verification of future courses with a study plan signed by your advisor or an itemized pre-registration receipt.
  4. Write an essay that explains the following topics:
    The essay must be type written, two pages, and double-spaced.

    1. What medical profession you wish to pursue.
    2. Where you would want to practice as a medical professional.
    3. Your financial need.
    4. How you might call on any of the following Good Shepherd Health Care System values, while practicing your intended medical profession:
      1. Quality
      2. Compassion
      3. Courtesy
      4. Efficiency
  5. Include three letters of recommendation.

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    Name the school and address you are currently attending or will attend, and anticipated completion date:

    How many terms or semesters will you have completed by June of this year?

    Current G.P.A.:

    Current degree or certifications you have already obtained:

    What other scholarships or financial assistance do you have available to you?

    Do you agree to have your name and photo submitted for publication?
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    Verification of future courses and signed study plan:


    Three Letters of Recommendation:
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    2nd Letter

    3rd Letter

    By submitting this form, I affirm that all statements on this scholarship application are true, complete and correct. I approve the investigation of all matters that the Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation deems relevant to my application. I authorize you to request and receive such information and release GSCH Foundation from all liability that might result from making such an investigation.

    Board of Directors & Staff

    Liz Marvin

    Vice President
    Margaret Saylor

    Francie Hansell

    Board Members
    Janet Cooley, Dave Ego, Bill Elfering, Manuel Gutierrez, Francie Hansell, Mike Henderson, Jacelyn Keys, Mike Madsen, Cindy Middleton, Angela Pursel, Julie Puzey, LaDonna Quaempts, Tom Wamsley.

    Medical Staff President
    Thomas Holt, MD

    Board Of Trustees Chair
    Steve Eldrige

    President & CEO
    Dennis Burke

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    Bob Green

    How to Reach Us


    Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation
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    • By phone: (541) 667 3419