The Mission of the Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation is to enhance the quality of life and general health of residents living in the West Umatilla and Morrow County communities. Resources are provided to worthy projects and individuals best illustrating Foundation ideals and fulfilling the health needs of our designated region.

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Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation retains all discretion regarding disbursement of funds, as well as granting, continuation and withdrawal of funding.  Grants are not normally made for building rent, utilities or employee salaries.  Attach complete budget for grant project.

Board of Directors & Staff

Margaret Saylor

Vice President
Francie Hansell (In Memoriam)

Mike Madsen

Board Members
Janet Cooley, Dave Ego, Bill Elfering, Manuel Gutierrez, Mike Henderson, Jacelyn Keys, Liz Marvin, Cindy Middleton, Lisa Mittelsdorf, Angela Pursel, Julie Puzey, LaDonna Quaempts, Tom Wamsley.

Medical Staff President
Thomas Holt, MD

Board Of Trustees Chair
Steve Eldrige

President & CEO
Dennis Burke

Foundation Executive Director
Bob Green

How to Reach Us


Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation
610 NW Eleventh Street
Hermiston, OR 97838

  • By phone: (541) 667 3419