The 2010 Affordable Care Act requires most Americans to carry health insurance that meets certain minimum guidelines. Oregon has created the Oregon Health Plan to help meet our communities needs for insurance.

Oregon Healthcare is a new online marketplace where Oregonians can find and purchase health insurance. Oregon Healthcare will let you search for and compare health insurance plans and will offer help to find the plan that’s right for you. We have a team of Certified Oregon Healthcare application assisters who are ready to answer questions and walk you through the process of enrollment.

To schedule an appointment, call and ask to speak with an Oregon Healthcare representative (541) 667-3400.

  • Find a Physician

    We take tremendous pride in employing and granting practice privileges to a wide array of qualified physicians and therapists.
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  • Oregon Healthcare

    Good Shepherd has a team of Certified Oregon Healthcare application assisters to walk you through the process of enrollment.
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  • Patient Services

    • Medical Records
      541 667 3621
    • Financial Advisor
      541 667 3711
    • Insurance Billing
      541 667 3450

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