Providers or Provider Groups Covered by GSHCS Financial Assistance Policy:

Chris Scott, DC

Travis Blackhurst
Darren Ernst
Mark McPherson
Blake Stevenson
David White
Bracan Williams

Emergency Physicians
Daniel Buck, MD
Mark Donnelly, MD
Jordan Hickman, PA
Adam Kaplan, PA
Ric Pardini, MD
Kim Peterson, DO
Jessica Sanderson, PA
Craig Singer, MD
Stewart Swena, MD

Jennifer Poste, MD

Family Nurse Practitioners
Angie Hays
Julie Hughes
Eileen McElligott
Michelle McIntyre
Phyllis Hansell

Family Practice and Urgent Care
Matthew Carlson, D.O
Michele Davies, FNP
Joseph Gifford, MD
James Johnson, MD
Christopher Lundquist, MD

General Surgeons
Thomas Farney, MD
Christopher Keeler, DO
R. Todd Jones, MD


Janice Boughton, MD
Jeff Davis, MD
James Dayton, MD
Leo De Guzman, MD
Peter Farkas, MD
Jason Hughson, MD
Matthew Ingrassia, MD
Nyama Jacobi, MD
Christopher Massari, MD
Joseph Oconer, MD
Erin Reis, MD
Cheryl Soronen, MD
Daniel Spiger, DO
David Stenstrom, MD
Mathew Thompson, MD
Matthew Weist, MD

Internal Medicine
Brian Larsen, MD
Edward Ricketts, MD

Diana Edenfield, MD
Leila Keeler, DO
Allison Khavkin, DO
Gary Trupp, MD

Orthopedics, Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Jeremy Anderson, DO
Patrick Harrison, DO

Daniel Canal, MD
Allan Michael V. Damian, MD
Jonathan Hitzman, MD
Mabel Yew, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
John Groner, MD

Physical Therapy
Rehab Associates

Tualatin Imaging, P.C.

Thomas Holt, MD

Providers or Provider Groups NOT Covered by GSHCS Financial Assistance Policy:

Advanced Pediatric Dentistry
Blue Mountain Pathology, Inc.
Center for Excellence in Dermatology
Dr. Barbara Atwood
Dr. Juliet K. Markham – OB/GYN
Dr. Richard Flaiz – ENT Facial Plastic and Laser Center Inc.
Eagle Summit Orthopedic & Sports
Family Health Associates
Health Options, Inc.
Hermiston Family Foot Clinic
Kadlec Clinic Hematology & Oncology
Kadlec Clinic Nephrology
Kadlec Inland Cardiology
Mirasol Family Health Center
Motion Orthopedics PC
Providence St. Mary Regional Cancer Center

NOTE: Providers and Provider Groups that do not follow Good Shepherd Health Care System’s Financial Assistance determinations may have their own financial assistance policies. Please contact these providers directly for questions regarding their policies.

Updated 1/10/2018

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