Thank you to the leadership that help lead the employees and caregivers on a daily basis. Thank you to those that lead by example.

- Anonymous

Unit C

Twice a week I go to get my legs wrapped for Lymphodema and the treatment I get there is more than I deserve sometimes. They are so sweet and always greet with a happy hello and a smile. They are caring and compassionate and they would do anything for me and anyone else in their care that they can. I have been going there a long time now and I am so proud of them and enjoy meeting the new ones and watching them all grow and progress. God bless them all and Thank you for making life better and helping keep me healthy.

- Merri

all staff

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for being stronger than you should have to be. Thank you for shouldering the burden of so much that has gone wrong. Thank you for being good people.

- Ootzie

All staff

I support your right to choose,and still provide the great care you always have been.

- Anonymous


Thank you so much for all your hard work, compassion and sacrifice. We know the emotional burden is great as well. We pray for your strength and for those sick and suffering from this pandemic.

- Bethany


To the incredible staff in Day Surgery this morning and Dr Anderson, thank you for your politeness and professional job this morning on me. And Dr Anderson is a great Dr.

- Frank


Thank you to all the team players in Oncology! Love your dedication and hard work!

- Betty

Critical Care Unit

Thank you ICU team for caring for my mom Carol and answering all my questions, everything time I called ❤.

- Amy

Cardiac Rehab

Thank you Megan for your hard work and dedication to us the patients. Cardio Rehab has helped me in getting stronger and feeling better as I heal and everyone there has been such an encouragement to me. Thank you to each of you for all you do each day!! 🤗

- Sky

Family Birth Center

Cherie is absolutely amazing at her job!!! I pray every time I have a baby she is my nurse!! Love you sweet lady!

- Shayla


You are heroes. You provide knowledge, consults and speedy service, all while displaying patience and positive attitudes. Oh you are also administer vaccinations with calmness and painless delivery.

- Anonymous


Thank you to the entire crew in the Pharmacy. You are always helpful, skilled, willing, quick, and often funny, but always good natured.

- Donna


Thank you for taking such good care of my husband when he was in there

- Patty


Thanks for being there for EVERYONE WHO NEEDS YOU!!

- Karen

Healthcare Workers

To all the wonderful staff there. You are super people who care. Thank you.

- Rosemarie

Cancer Treatment/Infection Treatment Unit 2nd Floor

I received IV infusion of antibiotics daiky from March 9th through April 15th, 2021. I had had knee replacement surgery on Feb 12th & ended up in Lourdes Medical Center on March 4th for several days after going into septic shock. Never in my life have I received such wonderful treatment. The ladies were all so very kind. When I first started infusions, I was so sick & in such pain but the ladies got me through it. I can\'t thank them enough!!!

- Edith


A BIG thank you for all your help and everything you do!!! Everyone in this department deserves a big THANK You!!!

- Betty

All Staff

Words can not express my appreciate for all you continually do for our community. You are each an inspiration and God's gift to us. Thank you for your sacrifice and determination to make a difference each and every day.

- Caitlin


Thanks for the great care

- Bonnie