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Loving Hispanic Couple In CountrysideHormones are essential to our daily lives. Many of these hormones come from the endocrine system which includes; pituitary, pineal, thyroid, and adrenal glands, as well as, pancreas, thymus, ovary, and testis.

When these glands are not functioning at their optimal level it affects your sleep, digestion, respiration, excretion, mood, stress, lactation, movement, and reproduction to name a few.

But there is hope and help through the expert care of an endocrinologist who can treat and help you manage the symptoms caused by the endocrine system.

The conditions we care for:

Glucose Disorders
Type 1 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes
Mature Onset Diabetes

Thyroid Disorders
Thyroid Cancer
Thyroid Hormone Resistance
Thyroid Nodules
Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy of the Thyroid

Calcium Homeostasis Disorders and Metabolic Bone Disease
Parathyroid Gland
Osteitis (Paget’s Disease)

Pituitary Gland Disorders

Adrenal Gland Disorders

Sex Hormone Disorders

And many other conditions.

Our Location

Good Shepherd Medical Group
Phone: 541.567.5305
600 NW 11th Street
Hermiston, OR 97838


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