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Do you know someone who exemplifies the spirit of Christmas by giving of themselves to others all year?

The Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation invites you to nominate that person for our annual Christmas Spirit Award.

Each year the Foundation recognizes such an individual or couple with the “Christmas Spirit Award.” Past recipients of this award are Rev. John Thurlow, Dennis & Cathy Barnett, Mel & Bonnie Phillips, Ric & Karen Sherman, Pat Wahner, Bill Whetzler, MilRoy Meyer, Mark Jones DMD, Alice Brewington-Dyer, Rod & Karen Bragato, Linda Gilleese, Dawn Large, Dr. Marvin John, Patty Echols, Dr. John Spomer, David & Jodene Hughes, Cliff & Judy Bracher, Ford Bonney, Kathie Mallory, Sandy Hickey, Jim Purswell, Terrel Tovey, Sally Clemons, Joyce Dye, Carlisle Harrison, Charlotte Dack, Susan Jones, Laurie Ball-Kiser, David Florea, Mike Snyder, Erick Olson, Cathy Putnam, Virginia Miller, John & Marge Walchli, Kriss Dammeyer, Cathy Wamsley, Robert Luke, Roger & Karen Bounds, Charlie & Carol Clupny, Doug Alvarez, Jeanne Jewett, Kelly Sanders, Scott and Melissa Purswell, Tom and Abbie Ditton, Lou Lyons and Carl and Edith Holt..

Nominations may be made by completing and submitting the nomination form below. You can also download this nomination form and send it to the Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation at 620 NW 11th Street, or [email protected] on or before December 8, 2023.

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