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Our mission is to build a community of strength for our youth in need during this unprecedented time.

We listen. We support you.

Emotions like fear, sadness, anger, frustration and anxiety are natural responses to the COVID19 outbreak. Many of us will experience some or all of these emotions and others as we cope with the novel Coronavirus. It is important to remember that everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, and that you are never alone.

You are never alone.

When we feel overwhelmed, we might believe that things will never change. But remember that the COVID-19 outbreak will end at some point. Most importantly, remember than you are never alone, and there are people waiting to support you at any time.

If you or someone you know is experiencing severe emotional distress or is suicidal, GET HELP IMMEDIATELY by contacting one or more of the provided resources, dialing 911, or contact us.

Things you can do when you feel distressed, overwhelmed, or alone

  • Taking breaks from watching television; playing video games; listening to, watching or reading the news; and being aware of how social media affects your mood.
  • Making time to communicate regularly with friends and family online, or by telephone or text.
  • Doing your best to get plenty of sleep, eat healthy meals and exercise regularly.
  • Taking time to relax, unwind, do things that you enjoy or try something new.
  • Talking with trusted adults, school counselors, and your doctor about concerns and feelings.
  • Avoiding alcohol and drugs.
  • Having conversations about things other than the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • Making a list of things that you like to do, or people that you can talk to over the phone, text, chat, or social media, and consider creating a regular schedule of activities each day.

Our trusted resources include:

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
    • 1.800.273.TALK
    • en espanol: 1.888.628.9454
    • crisis text line: text “HOME” to 741741
  • The Teen Line:
    • 1.310.855.HOPE
  • National Youth Crisis Hotline:
    • 1.800.448.4663
  • Umatilla County Crisis Line:
    • 541.240.8030
  • Substance use help:
    • 1.800.662.HELP
  • Oregon Youth Line:
  • When a Friend or Family Member Dies:
    • The Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families:

Who We Are

The Good Shepherd Medical Center is a progressive, non profit hospital located in Hermiston Oregon. Established in 1954, the GSMC plays a major role in meeting the medical needs in Northeast Oregon and is the largest entity in the Good Shepherd Health Care System. The National Rural healthcare Association named Good Shepherd to its 2011 Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in America list, based on over 50 measures including patient surveys.