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Bringing Healthcare and Education to Your Home

Community Paramedics TeamA Community Paramedic Program (CPP), also known in some areas as Mobile Integrated Health, is a service usually provided by the local EMS system. Community Paramedics visit patients in their home after a referral is made. They do home and health assessments to prevent readmission to the hospital and try to reduce high utilization of the Emergency Department and ALS Ambulance Services. A Community Health Worker (CHW) with the ConneXion’s Program accompanies the Community Paramedic (CP) on each initial visit to conduct a social needs assessment as well. The combination of the medical and social services have shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce 30-day readmissions to the hospital.

What type of patients can CP’s see?

Community Paramedics are able to see all patient types with all diagnosis types throughout all both Umatilla and Morrow counties. We have no restrictions on insurance, diagnosis, or location other than the counties listed above.

How Do Referrals Work?

The CPP gets referrals from many sources including Good Shepherd Medical Center, Umatilla County Fire District #1, primary care providers, other hospitals such as Trios Medical Center and Kadlec Regional Medical Center and more. You may be referred by any medical or EMS agency. We do not do self-referrals at this time, however. We are NOT a replacement for a doctor’s office and do not make diagnosis’s. If you feel you or CP Rigsomeone you know, may benefit from a CP visit, contact their primary care provider and they will determine if a referral is needed. A summary letter of the visit and all lab results are sent to the primary care provider for review and follow up care if needed.

What does it cost?

That is the best part of this program. It is FREE! We are currently funded through grant funding with the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization. All visits and testing are free and we don’t do any sort of billing at this time.

Services Provided:

    • Health and Home Assessment Including:
      • Vital Signs
      • Physical Examination
    • Disease and Diagnosis Education
    • Discharge Instruction Education and Reinforcement
    • Medication Evaluation and Reconciliation
    • Basic Lab Evaluation Including:
      • 12 Lead EKG
      • Chemistry Panel
      • Urinalysis
      • Hemoglobin A1C
    • Fall and Fire Risk Assessment
    • Infant Weight Checks

For more information please contact us at:

Good Shepherd Health Care System
Community Paramedic Program
Phone: 541.667.5153
Fax: 541.564.6463
[email protected]

Departments at-a-Glance

  • Cardiopulmonary Rehab

    Cardiopulmonary Rehab

    Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is vital for patients with heart or lung concerns. We work closely with your physician to restore an active, healthy lifestyle.

  • CareVan Transport

    CareVan Transport

    We don’t want transportation to get in the way of quality health care. We offer complimentary transport for patients of Good Shepherd Medical Center.

  • Day Surgery

    Day Surgery

    Good Shepherd provides high tech surgical services including six major operative suites with modern anesthesia machines and patient monitoring devices.

  • Diagnostic Imaging

    Diagnostic Imaging

    Our comprehensive imaging services reflect the very latest in technology, forming the critical link between doctor and diagnosis

  • Family Birth Center

    Family Birth Center

    The Family Birth Center provides the best in maternity care services. Our birthing suites are comfortable and come complete with a sanijet Jacuzzi tub to help ease your labor pains, comfortable couch for your support person, and rocking chair for you to soothe your newborn after delivery.

  • Good Shepherd Cancer Center

    Good Shepherd Cancer Center

    Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Oncology is the medical practice that treats these concerns. Many areas of treatment can be beneficial to cancer and blood disorder patients. Good Shepherd can help with those needs.

  • Home Health

    Home Health

    Upon Physician’s order, Home Health Services through TLC Home Health provides quality professional care in the comfort of your own home.

  • Home Medical

    Home Medical

    Good Shepherd’s Durable Medical Equipment store front is your source for a complete line of home medical supplies and equipment.

  • Laboratory


    Good Shepherd Medical Center boasts a modern, well equipped laboratory that offers a wide variety of diagnostic services.

  • Retail Pharmacy

    Retail Pharmacy

    Good Shepherd Clinic Pharmacy is a complete retail pharmacy for prescriptions, refills and a full line of medical supplies and equipment.

  • Therapy Services

    Therapy Services

    Treatment and rehabilitative therapies at Good Shepherd include intravenous, respiratory, physical and occupational, speech, and more.